Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Heartwarming Story

A few months ago, back in September, I went to a card class in the Church of two of my friends. One of the ladies in that class just so happened to be a teacher at my son’s middle school. She is also the teacher that helps run the Student Council. She went back and told her counterpart about CFS and they decided they wanted to get the kids involved in a fundraising event for CFS. The student council came up with “Pajama’s for Postage” where each kid had to pay $1.00 to wear their pajama’s to school one day. They did this twice and yesterday I went to a presentation at the Litchfield Middle School so they could present me with this…


Yes, those kids raised $500 in postage money! I was amazed and also touched. I also explained to them that their check will help send 38 boxes which is approximately 11,000 cards to the troops, you should have heard them cheer!

Thank you Ms. Irving, Ms. Sidilau, and LMS Students from the bottom of my heart and more! I am honored to say I live in a town with such great people!


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Round 4 Update

Hello everyone!  Sorry it’s taken me so long to update with the Round 4 numbers, I was slacking off visiting my best friend in San Diego for a week so I got a bit behind!  I got the cards out right before I left, all 3629 of them! There were lots of thank you cards for the soldiers for the Armed Forces Day portion which made me smile from ear to ear! Thank you all to helped make this another successful mailing!

Thank you to those of you who sent in postage donations, I am so grateful!

I can’t believe it’s almost time for the next mailing again, just 3 more weeks until the May 10th deadline, where does the time go! And Father’s Day already? Yikes!

Again, thank you all for your support, I appreciate it and couldn’t do it without you!