Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Contest

I received some information from a Gulf War Veteran about a contest a company named AirSoft is holding. Now some of you may have never heard of this company but if you have sons like I do you might have! Anyway there is a prize in it for you as well as Cards for Soldiers if you enter the contest through this blog so here is the info:

The winner will receive a full Airsoft loadout including a helmet, goggles, vest, combat suit, gloves, pistol, holster, rifle, and more. With a full loadout, the winner will have everything that they need and more to head down to their local Airsoft field and start playing. The loadout is worth $500, and no purchase is necessary.

You can check it out at

In addition, Airsplat will donate $1,000 to the website that refers the winner. So the more of your readers that click on this link and then sign up for the contest, the better chance Cards for Soldiers will have of winning the $1,000 donation. Just think of how many envelopes that will buy!!!

So what are you waiting for it should only take a few minutes to enter to win right?

Contest Link Code*: Win a KWA Airsoft rifle and full Airsoft loadout worth $500 from Airsplat