Saturday, September 18, 2010

September Update

Can you all believe it’s September already? I for one can not! Fall is just around the corner and as I sat and sorted cards for several cards for the Halloween/Thanksgiving mailing I thought even harder about why we are doing this program. Today as I finished the sorting and counting I came up with a number of 2500 cards! I was astounded by your support and generosity once again. So many of you sent envelopes this time, THANK YOU! I am still having a hard time getting donors so this is huge to me! I too am so thankful for the postage help too! You all are amazingly kind! I have to say please to those of you that apologize for not sending postage, please do not apologize, your support with the cards is so much more important! I have very limited time to make cards, I only got 25 made this time so as you can see that is 1% of that we have to send! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for each and every bit you do!

For those that are new to the program and have any questions, all of our requirements, mailing schedule, and mailing address are always right on the right hand column of this blog.

And before I close, I just have one more important reminder, this program is specifically for BLANK HANDMADE CARDS. They can have a small greeting stamped inside but no writing on the inside of the cards, they are for the soldiers to use to send back home. This program is not to send cards for the soldiers to read, I am getting a lot of those lately, and unfortunately, I can’t afford to send those. If you have cards like that please donate them to the USO as they send care packages to the troops all the time.

Don’t forget, for our very next mailing we have our Veteran’s Day mailing which where we make a card for the soldiers with a note in the card for them to keep! General cards will be accepted during this mailing as well.