Saturday, September 22, 2012

September Update and a Card Making Session!

Happy First Day of Fall!

We had a big mailing this month, 3781 cards! Thank you to all those who sent in cards. A lot of Halloween and Thanksgiving cards but also a bunch of those much needed Birthday cards came in so thanks so much for hearing my request! Keep them coming as we always need those! Thank you to all for your postage donations again, you all are so generous! I know I say it over and over but without you all I can’t do this so thank you all for your continued support of cards and donations!

Now don’t forget, Veteran’s Day is the next mailing, please take time to make some cards to thank the soldiers. These are NOT blank inside. You write a thank you note to the soldier in it. They do not need an envelope. I need a LOT of them, one to hand personally to each soldier and I send to 10 different troops right now. Most of them with over 100 men/women in them, one of them has 1000 in the group. Please help with this, they deserve a note of thanks!  Those cards are due to me on October 8th please.

On September 15th I joined the ladies of the First Congregational Church in Manchester, NH for a Card Making Day. They made 10 cards for $10. The cards were all designed by friends of mine, Denise and Pam who are members of the church. They asked me to come and tell the ladies about CFS and then they requested at the end of the card making session that they donate at least two of their cards to CFS. Well with 15 ladies there I expected to go home with 30 cards to add to my boxes. Imagine my surprise when I got a box of cards from a lady that wasn’t even there full of wonderful cards that she sent to Denise to give to me, and an even bigger surprise when a few more of the ladies then handed over all 10 of their cards to me when they were done! It was very heartwarming. Here are some photos of these wonderful ladies making their cards (I am in the last photo in the white shirt, which is my CFS shirt by the way!)…

Thanks so much to Denise and Pam for inviting me to talk about CFS and to all the new friends I met at First Congregational Church for your generosity!

I know most of you have been sending cards for a long time and know that there has always been a no envelope requirement unless your card size is larger than A2 size. Unfortunately I need to change this requirement due to the fact that envelope donations are not coming in anymore and I just can’t afford to be spending more money on envelope costs as well as postage to ship the cards. Boxes of cards cost me at least $125 a month, sometimes double that. I just had to purchase 1000 envelopes as well which was also a large chunk of change because I ran out during a mailing and had to run to staples vs. ordering on line, another $120. Not pretty. I now have to ask that envelopes be included with your cards. I understand that it will increase your costs and that you may have to send less cards but I am hoping that I can start getting some corporate donations and that this will only be a temporary thing. So please bear with me! A lot of you already send envelopes, and I thank you so much for this!

See you all in the next post! Thank you again for your support!