Wednesday, January 23, 2008

We have envies!!!

UPS just arrived with a very big box! 5000 envelopes from Best Selling Author JoAnn Ross! Thank you JoAnn and JAM Paper for sending them so quickly! JoAnn has been a long standing contributor of cards and when she found out we were in an envelope bind she came to our rescue! This is a huge help to our project because we were having a very hard time getting them donated. I understand the economy is in a crunch and all but these soldiers are fighting for our freedom! But if they give to our program they have to give to someone else, and it's a vicious cirle. I get it so I just wanted to shout out to JoAnn, her supplier, and of course her wonderful 'sweetie' as she calls him for all their help in our project! Without people like you all this project wouldn't be!