Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 Years Ago Today

Where you when the world stopped turning…

I was at work at Lucent Technologies and I can still see the look of horror and the tears streaming down my co-worker’s across from me face. She had just seen the Twin Towers hit on  It was so scary, I wanted to leave right then and there to go get my boys and make sure they stayed safe, as did everyone that day. We were all drawn to the cafeteria where there was a TV streaming CNN to see what was going on and it was very hard to concentrate on work. We had no idea what to think. Ten  years later I still don’t know what to think, so many lives lost, our country at war for almost 10 years.

And to think that this tragedy is what really got Cards for Soldiers started when you get right down to it. Carol’s husband felt he needed to serve his country, as friends we wanted to support Carol and Kevin while he deployed to Iraq and this idea is what we came up with. WOW.

September 11th has touched people in so many ways. I know that it’s touched each and every one of you who support this program and I’m sure I don’t have to remind you to take a moment out of your busy day to say a prayer for those we lost and those they left behind and to thank those that serve our country both in the military and our community to keep us safe!

God Bless the USA!