Thursday, January 14, 2010

V-Day cards, in the mail

Hi folks!
Just a quick update from me. I mailed a package today containing 184 cards, just from me. I made over 100 V-Day/love cards, some B-Day cards, and some all-occasion cards for a new unit we are supporting. Pam has also shipped to two other units, for a total of three units we are now supporting. Please spread the word! The requests for these cards is increasing, and we can use AS MANY cards as you can send. Please check the guidelines for cards:

- handmade only (you can use pre-made notecards - I got packs of 8 for $1 at Target - as long as you add embellishments to make them handmade. I added scalloped paper, ribbon trim and a stamped greeting to the front of each card, cute!),
- blank inside - the service men/women use these cards to send back home
- A2 size, or include an envelope for each card if they are not the standard A2 size

Check the side bar for the schedule and mailing themes. Remember, we ALWAYS accept general occasion cards.

Our troops love the pick-me-up of a handmade card to send back home, and the families/loved ones love receiving these cards from them. We can't do this without you, the cardmakers. Tell all your friends, have a card-making evening or rainy Sunday afternoon card-making party. There is no minimum or maximum limit - send whatever you can. Make 'em nice, so the troops will be proud to send them back home!

Thanks for your support! We pay for the mailing out of our personal pockets, so if you want to toss in a dollar or two for postage, it will be appreciated by everyone!!