Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Passing Along some Thanks...

This note came in from the Chaplain of the Platoon where we are sending our cards. Just wanted to share:

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your tremendous kindness in sending us boxes of cards to use for our friends and families. As always, they are brimming with TLC, creativity, and uniqueness, such that, as they are used, they give the Soldiers a sense that they are really sending a treat to their loved ones. I have heard no reports, like last time, of Soldiers claiming to their girlfriends/spouses that they made them themselves (BTW: at least one that I know of got caught due to the ID stamps you were using -- funny stuff), but, if I were a betting man....

Anyway, please know that each box we recieve is a great boost to our morale as it both reminds us of your care for us, and gives us a very special way to express our love and appreciation to others.

Take care, and keep up the good work.

Again, thanks a million!


CH Kevin Banks
1-66 AR - Iron Knights