Sunday, November 13, 2011

Last Mailing of 2011 & Year’s Totals

And it was a great one! 7100 Cards to be exact! And most of them were Christmas cards. There were 21 boxes in all and out of those only 3 were general cards. Thank you all for another very successful mailing! Thanks to all of those who also sent in postage donations with your card donations, once again, with a mailing this large it’s a huge help to me and my pocketbook! Smile

I wanted to mention that once again I received many cards that were on dark cardstock but were not lined inside. I did not have the time to fix these cards this time around because I spent all my free time sorting cards (see number above Winking smile). Those cards went into a ‘to be fixed’ box and were not mailed this year. Cards on dark cardstock aren’t sent because you have to think about the fact that the soldiers aren’t going to have a white pen on hand and black or blue ink won’t show up so all of the dark cards need to be lined before I can send them. I have updated the card specs to make this a requirement so hopefully this will help remind you when making the cards.

Now I know that you all have heard the news about troops in Iraq coming home by the end of the year. I hope that doesn’t stop you from sending cards. I’ll tell you why, 1) most of the troops I send cards to are not in Iraq, they are in Afghanistan and 2) There are many soldiers who are reservists that are deployed all the time, even when we are not at war whom I plan on sending cards for as long as the cards keep coming in.

And now are you ready for the yearly total…

32669 cards mailed to the soldiers in 2011! Can you believe that number? Amazing! And all because of you! Thank you all for making CFS such as success!

Now, I need to work on my own Christmas cards before it’s time to start making Valentine’s Day cards!

I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday season!