Sunday, September 14, 2008

Another 551 Cards!

Thank you all for your generous contributions. As mentioned below if you are working on cards we really want to be able to give each of the soldiers a handwritten card for Veteran's Day so would you please consider making those next?

Also, just a reminder for all other cards except for Veteran's Day please send blank insides only. These cards are used for the soldiers to be able to write notes to their loved ones. Also there is no need to send envelopes unless the cards are not A2 sized. And please realize I don't say this because we are ungrateful because we are so appreciative to everyone that makes cards, but you have to realize I have to hand count the cards in order to know how many envelopes to send with them so it makes it very hard to figure out the counts with some cards having envelopes and some now. Thank you all for your understanding and thank you again for making Cards for Soldiers!

Cards for Veterans Day

In observance of Veterans Day, our goal is to send enough cards so that each and every soldier gets their own card of appreciation for their sacrifices.

We will need about 1,000 cards this year, each with your personal message written inside. As usual, NO envelopes required.

Please get your cards in the mail no later than October 1 so that we can get them to Iraq in time for Veterans Day!

Thanks to everyone for your ongoing support of our efforts to let the Soldiers know how much we appreciate all that they do.

Here's the mailing address:
Cards for Soldiers
5 Spicebush Circle
Litchfield, NH 03052