Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sharing Some Happy Mail

One of our faithful cardmakers tends to put her address labels on the backs of her cards. By doing this she gets a lot of nice notes from soldiers and always likes to share them with me. I love the see these and thought all of you would too. Here are a few recent ones she has received. One was a group thank you card and another came from a Colonel. I’ll share a photo of the cards they used as well…

2012 11.06 From the troops 12012 11.06 from the troops 2 - Copy

scan00122012 Oct. from Kathy Burba 2

Friday, November 16, 2012

December Mailing and 2012 Year Total

Our Christmas/Hanukkah/New Year cards totaled out to 7,102 cards! I shipped 19 boxes out to the troops and I am sure the postal worker was not too crazy about the pick up on my front porch this month but I sure was pleased! Thank you to all who contributed with your card donations as well as with your postage donations.

I did receive a lot of cards this month that were on black or very dark cardstock. I unfortunately did not have time to add white cardstock to the insides of these so those had to go into my ‘to be fixed’ pile for later. Please remember to line your dark cards with white paper because the soldiers don’t have access to white pens like we do!

Our 2012 yearly total of cards came to 23,400 cards. The number was a bit lower than last year but still very impressive don’t you think? If you are curious what the numbers have been through the years you can scroll through the ‘Past Posts’ down in the bottom left hand column. There are all sorts of fun things to read there, especially if you are new to CFS!

So thank you all for another successful year, thank you to those of you who have continually donated cards throughout the years as well as to those of you that are just starting to donate! I hope you all have wonderful holidays!


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

2013 Mailing Schedule is Posted!

I've changed things up a bit, there will be no mailing in June/July since the summer months tend to be very slow with holidays and card making. Normally we only have one general card mailing in June but I am going to see how this works.

I'll update the Christmas card totals in a few days!

Veteran’s Day Mailing

I apologize for this late posting. I wrote this post last month but it must have gotten lost because when I came back post the 2013 mailing schedule it was not here! We were able to send over 2000 Veteran’s Day cards this mailing. That is our biggest mailing yet for the personalized cards to the soldiers! Thank you all so much for taking the time to thank our soldiers! I want to share a photo of one of the groups we have been sending cards to. I personally know one of the men in this photo, I worked with him on the base where I work before he was deployed. He and his group are in Afghanistan doing great things and your cards are a wonderful show of support to them.


Thank you all for the donations for postage and for including envelopes with your cards. Your continued support to my organization is very much appreciated. Without you I can’t continue to do this!