Friday, February 22, 2013

Round 3 Shipped!

And what a shipment it was!  4176 cards! That is a huge amount for this round I have to say! Thank you all very much!  I know it was a double whammy for you all and I appreciate the support!

I thank you all for the postage donations as well! This has been very helpful to me as it’s getting pretty costly with the postage rates going up. It’s now $13.30 per box I send.  Sending 10 boxes per month and this month having sent out two shipments is killer, just know I so appreciate your donations!

I was asked to post more on the site regarding what I do with the cards regarding sorting and such so I thought I would give you all some information if you are interested, if not, you can stop reading now…

As the cards come in throughout the month they get brought down to my craft room and put in a pile. I don’t open any of the boxes until the mailing deadline. Then on the weekend before the deadline I start opening and sorting them. First thing I do is sort them into piles 1) birthday, 2) general (thinking of you, miss you, etc.) 3) holiday the round is for.  Next I make sure they fit the card specs, no glitter, are blank inside, dark cards are lined, etc. if not they go into a need fixing pile or a donate pile. Cards that can’t be fixed are donated to a veteran’s hospital. After all the cards are sorted I make sure they all have envelopes and I start counting them into batches of 50 and put elastics and a tag with each one marking what group they are. I then get my total count, I box them up and ship them out.  After that I send out all my thank you notes and post here on the website with updates.

If I can provide you any more information please feel free to ask me in an email or in the comments here on the blog, I’m more than happy to answer any questions you all have!

Thanks for reading!