Sunday, October 9, 2011

Veteran’s Day Update

1270 Cards! That is our largest amount of cards mailed for this mailing EVER! I am ecstatic to be mailing this many cards this round. Thank you all so much!

I did receive about 150 cards that did  not have handwritten notes inside them but instead were blank inside which I had to print out some notes for. Please remember for next year, Veteran’s Day and Armed Forces Day cards have personal notes inside the cards thanking the soldiers for their services. 

Also, I do not require envelopes for these cards, I can fit more in a box if there is no envelope and since they are not using the cards to send back home we may as well save the envelopes for when we really need them right?

And now for the winners of the custom stamps from Imagine Stamps

Darlene Crosby


Jan Mockaitis

Congrats ladies! I will contact Imagine Stamps and let them know you won the custom bar code stamp.

And last but not least, our final mailing of the year is going to come upon us quick. This deadline is November 7th and is for the Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and New Years cards. The new 2012 schedule will be posted sometime in November as well.

Thank you all again for everything you do to make CFS a success!