Saturday, April 9, 2011

April Update

Hi Everyone!

We’ve had two successful mailing’s since my last update. The first mailing was for Easter/Passover cards. In that mailing 2500 cards were sent out. Thank you all very much! Because of that support I am able to send at least one box with approximately 300 cards and envelopes to 6 different troops that are deployed and most times two boxes get sent each month!

The second mailing was for Mother’s Day and Armed Forces Day cards.  The Armed Forces Day cards were not as many as I had hoped unfortunately, there were only about 300 of those so not every soldier got one. Add those total’s to the Mother’s Day mailing and that mailing total was about 1800 cards.

I have received a few thank you notes from the troops and need to scan them in and share them with you, unfortunately my main computer in the house has crashed and that is the computer that the scanner is hooked up to so I am on my laptop. I will share them as soon as I can.

I also need to remind you all that if you are making cards on black and dark papers please add white paper inside the card. I have had to hold back several cards for fixing due to this. I can’t send them like this. Try to remember when you make the cards that you can only use a light colored pen on the inside of those cards as they are now and if those soldiers don’t have access to cards at all do they have access to a white pen? 

Again, thank you all for your support, I can’t do this without you.  Also, I hope if you sent your email in your box of cards you have received a note back from me, I have tried to reply to everyone. If not I apologize!  For those of you that have just sent a snail mail address, I am a terrible letter writer but I promise, I will get to it one day!

Our next mailing deadline is right around the corner if you can believe it! Father’s Day and Independence Day cards are due on May 8th. I seriously cannot believe it’s April 9th already, where does the time go?