Sunday, August 5, 2012

August Mailing–Grandparent’s Day/Patriot Day

There are 1248 cards to mail out tomorrow. Just finished sorting them all and I want to thank everyone who made a contribution to this month’s mailing. Thank you as well to all those who made postage donations too! You all are fantastic!

I am now sending cards to three co-workers in three different places, one of whom had to leave his family for 15 months, that’s a long time when you have three young kids and wife at home! To think that after the Chaplain we started CFS for back in 2006 came home I didn’t know anyone in the Middle East and now be sending to three people who actually work on the same base I work on is very strange, it’s a very small world!

There are so many nice notes in the packages and I just want to mention that if you would like a return note from me please include an email address if you have one. I would love to drop you a note in response!

I have a couple of things I wanted to mention…

First, the soldiers get free postage for letters and cards, they don’t have to use stamps so if you send me stamps I cannot use them. I appreciate the thought but I also use electronic postage since my packages that I send are $10.85 or $12.95 per package when I ship them that would be too many stamps to stick! I don’t save the boxes that the cards come out of, just the notes so if your note doesn’t have your contact info in it I can’t send them back to you, I’m sorry.

Second, there is still a shortage on birthday cards, I have an over abundance of thinking of you cards, miss you, hello but never that many birthday cards! If anyone likes to make birthday cards I’d really appreciate it!

Thanks again to all of you for everything you do!

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Linda said...

I plan to start sending you cards now that I found you!! :)