Saturday, April 12, 2008

Thank You Cardmakers!

We have 600 cards ready to ship to Chaplain Banks in our first shipment for his redeployment! Thank you to everyone who has made this possible!


GranShoo from CX said...

Just wanted to say that my Memory Makers Mission Group met this past Fri. night and made Father's Day and 4th of July Cards for the Soldiers. I'll be mailing them to Litchfield, N.H. in a day or two. Hope our Mother's Day Cards we sent earlier arrived safely. GranShoo (from CX)

GranShoo from CX said...

Glad you've posted the 2009 mailing schedule for the Cards for soldiers. I'm going to post it on CX again this year. Hopefully some of those girlies will make and send some in. One of them sent me several Christmas cards recently which I'll be sending to you when the Christmas Cards are to be received. I look forward to sharing this info with my Homemaker Club and my Memory Makers Mission Group from my Church. These 2 groups plan to make these cards again this year